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I specialize in PHP, Zend Framework, Doctrine, MySQL, and MongoDB. I'm a contract trainer for Zend Technologies, and have done a number of video trainings and a book on PHP 7 for O'Reilly.

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True Confessions

I wrote my first program in 1971 on a DEC PDP-8 using Dartmouth BASIC. Graduated from SUNY Potsdam in 1979 after having studied FORTRAN and PL/I on a tandem IBM 360/370. Had a fiancee who ended up working for Motorola programming 6809 processors in satellites, whom I dumped to join a rock band. Built a keyboard with its own micro-processor which I used in concert while gigging in NY. Spent 3 years writing assembler code while designing digital memory circuits. Worked for Radio Shack and did commercial programming on a TRS-80. Owned a "Color Computer" which I hacked physically to get 64K of RAM. Used to work the night shift, a Raleigh 10 speed my main form of transport. I lugged around a Commodore 64 in a Boy Scout backpack with a 5 inch monochrome monitor. Did a scheduling program for a nursing home in FORTH. Moved from New York to San Francisco in 1984 (!). Worked as a temp for Pacific Bell until they discovered I could write code. Wrote a ton of code in dBase, Clipper and FoxBase. Got a job at a firm which specialized in data conversion, writing C programs to convert from anything to anything. Worked on a membership program for Gold's Gym, and an order/entry system for an adult video company. Taught networking for about 15 years finally working for Novell in Europe. Started using System V UNIX in 1992 in the form of Novell UnixWare. Built my first website in 1994. Interviewed to build a website for two strange guys Page and Brin who claimed they had a search engine which would "revolutionize" the Internet. Wrote my first Java program in 1995 after listening to some guy named Schmidt, whose hand I shook in an airport in Nice, France in 1999. Moved to the Netherlands in 1997 where I met my wife. Started using Red Hat Linux in 1998. Accidentally pulled 10,000 nodes on Novell Europe's LAN off the Internet when I forgot to stop my RHL server from advertising itself as the default router. Took a sabbatical in 2003. Studied jazz and big band with a guitarist who used to play at the Fillmore West. Played in 5 different bands. Wrote a ton of big band stuff under the stage name of Zelfe. Wrote two science fiction novels under the pen name Douglas Alan. Started contracting for Zend in 2009. Doing mainly PHP and Zend Framework stuff now.